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GoGlobal Server and Active-X

GO-Global for Windows


When connecting to a Go-Global server, you may get a message saying the your "Client version does not match the Server version".


This can happen when connecting via Internet Explorer (active-x connection) or when connecting via the native client running from your desktop.

If running via Windows native client....

If you are running via a native client, please go out to our web site and download and run the latest Windows native client software.  It is located at

If running via Windows Active-X through Internet Explorer, please try the following steps:

1.  Go to the following directory on your Windows workstation...

     c:\windows\Downloaded Program Files\

2.  Find the class file  IEGCtrl. 

3.  Right click on the file and select "Modify" or "Update".  If it can, the client will be updated via the internet.    Now go back and try to login using the Active-X logon.

4.  If step #3 doesn't work, go back to the same folder, right click on the file, and select Remove.    Now go back and try to login using the Active-X logon.  It should automatically update the new client or ask you to accept the Active-X client.  Say "yes".  Try the logon several times.

In most ALL cases, you should have updated the client version on active-x by now.

5.  If the above still doesn't work, Try the following.

     a)   repeat step 3 and "remove" file IEGCtrl.

     b)   From a command prompt, delete c:\windows\\Downloaded Program Files\print.ini , and all GGfW files

           If you have any number of CONFLICT directories remove them and their contents

     c)   In the registry (REGEDIT), delete all traces of GGfW files from; HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ModuleUsage\

           In the registry (REGEDIT), delete all traces of GGfW files from; HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\SharedDLLs

     d)   Also check your temporary internet files (under your user name) and delete any references to GGW*, including any cab files

6.  Test logon

7.   If still doesn't work, try what worked for me, I removed ALL files in the c:\windows\downloaded program files (from the cmd prompt) and it then loaded my new active-x client.

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