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GO-Global for Windows


My GO-Global continues to crash, hang or freeze up?


To capture a crash log for Go Global please see the following instructions, Please make sure that when capturing the crash file you are running it on the aps.exe and then duplicate the issue by having a client log in.

For Capturing a memory dump of a process crash


a. Open a command window


b.In the command window navigate to the directory where you installed Microsoft's Debugging Tools for Windows, e.g.,

  c:\Program Files\Debugging Tools for Windows\


c. type

        adplus -crash -pn [process name] -o C:\ (e.g., adplus -crash -pn aps.exe)




        adplus -crash -p [process ID] -o C:\ (e.g., adplus -crash -p 1702)


If you are prompted to change your default script interpreter from Wscript.exe to Cscript.exe, click Yes to select CSCript as the default script interpreter.


If a warning message about the _NT_SYMBOL_PATH environment variable is displayed, click OK. This environment variable does not need to be defined.


Note: ADPlus can cause performance degradation when run in crash mode.


d. You should see a message that begins "ADPlus is now running in CRASH mode...". Note the directory mentioned in this message, then click OK.


When running in CRASH mode, ADPlus attaches a debugger to the process that is specified on the command line. This debugger remains attached to the process for the lifetime of that process. When a fatal exception is trapped, or the process quits unexpectedly, the debugger creates a file that contains the memory dump of the process. Both the process and the debugger exit after the dump file has been created.


If the process does not crash or exit you can manually create the dump file of the process by first maximizing the debugger window, and then pressing CTRL+C.


e. Once the application has crashed verify that at least one memory dump (.dmp) file exists in the directory noted in the previous step.


g. Create a ZIP archive containing the full contents of the directory noted in step d above and upload it to Resource Dynamics FTP site.


In the command window use the change directory command to browse to the indicated folder above, or if you installed to a different location browse to that file location. To get the process name or process number you can get that from the task manager under the processes tab. We have found using the ID number is the easiest way to use the command line, if you do not have the PID column in your task manager section click on view and select column and add the PID column to your view. Also at the end of the command line listed in the instructions you can add the following command to specify the dump files to be created in a specific location. We would recommend using the following command -o C:\ to have the files created right off the main c drive.

NOTE: To run the ADPLUS system in hang mood simply replace crash with hang in the command line.

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