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GO-Global HOST Configuration backup

GO-Global for Windows


How can you back up the configuration for GO-Global Host?

How can you restore your published apps if you reinstall?


You can back up the configuration of a GO-Global host by:

NOTE: Must be same version of GO-Global.  If you backup a version 4.8, you cannot restore to a version 5.0.

1. Copy to a save location the contents of the C:\ProgramData\GraphOn directory.

the whole directory should be backed up.

2. EXPORT the following registry key (using RegEdit):


The list of published applications is stored in the registry under the above key. Other settings and options are stored under this key, so the whole key should be backed up.

3. Then uninstall GO-Global Host through the Add/Remove features.   Once the uninstall is completed, reboot the host computer.

4. Install GO-Global and follow the wizard prompts.

5. Once the install is completed go to Reg Editor and IMPORT the key from step #2 above. You should be prompted about same name key, accept so the saved key will restore.

6. Copy back the contents of the C:\ProgramData\GraphOn directory.

7. Reboot the host computer again.

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