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GO-Global running a batch file

GO-Global for Windows


How to run a batch file through GO-Global


Many Win32 applications were designed for installation on a client PC and run by only one user.
When an application is deployed from a GO-Global Server, multiple users need to be able to run
the application simultaneously, and a number of problems may be encountered if the application
is not "multi-user ready."

The best way to solve multi-user deployment problems with an application is to modify the
application so it properly supports multiple users as specified in the GO-Global for Windows
Developer Guide. When it is not possible to modify the application, an application script may be
used to perform the pre-launch configuration and post-shutdown cleanup that is required to allow
the application to run in a multi-user environment. The process for creating and deploying an
application script is as follows:

1. Write a batch file that:
Performs the tasks necessary to prepare the application environment for a user.
Launches the application.
Performs any cleanup tasks required after the application shuts down. The batch file
should end with an EXIT command. Otherwise the CMD.EXE process will not shut down.
2. Publish the application script
a. Open the Cluster Manager.
b. Click Tools | Applications | Add.
c. Type the path to CMD.EXE in the Application Path field.
d. In the Command Line Options field, specify "/K filename", where filename is the full
path of the batch file to be run.
e. Type the application display name and specify an icon.
f. Click OK.

Executable path                    c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe
Startup                            c:\
Command line options                   /K name_of_batchfile.bat

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