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GO-Global vs. Citrix in speed

GO-Global for Windows


What makes GO-Global faster than Citrix?


GO-Global uses a proprietary protocol called  RXP. The details of this protocol are described in the attached document.  The performance of RXP to Microsoft’s RDP protocol and Citrix’s ICA protocol varies depending on the application. In some cases RXP is more efficient, and in some cases, less; overall, it provides comparable performance to RDP and ICA.

For secure connections, GO-Global uses OpenSSL. Performance differences between GO-Global and Citrix that exist only over secure connections are due to differences between OpenSSL and the SSL VPN used for Citrix.

We also run up to a 500m/s connection where if you tried to run rdp or citrix at that latency it would fail over and not work.

A brief explanation from me is that the RXP protocol is Proprietary to us, therefore we do not piggy back on top of another protocol like Citrix does which is like an overlay layer using the Windows RDP protocol to send its packets back and forth.

Because of this Citrix uses slightly more bandwidth than GO-Global does.

We use around 16kps per user for a GO-Global session, when Citrix would use around 25 – 30 kps per user session.

Also we only transmit keyboard, mouse movements and screen updates, which means more packets are being sent but the packets are smaller.

RDP paints the whole screen therefore the packets are larger which results in higher bandwidth being used.

RXP Protocol Overview_GO-Global_12Oct2004 (2).pdf

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