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Amazon Cloud Server and GO-Global

GO-Global for Windows


Can GO-Global be installed on the EC2 Amazon Cloud Server?


The licensing for GO-Global is tied directly to the Host name and Host id (physical mac address).

To install onto the Amazon Cloud Server, basically, you would have to put the license server on a machine (virtual or physical) where the host ID does not change. You could use a Central license server configuration where only the license server has a hard coded host id.  Attached is information on setting up a Central License server.

Also as long as the GO-Global application servers have open port communication over (default port 491) with the clients, GO-Global should run fine.

Another area to check will also depend on the network configuration, you may have to open the license service ports (e.g. port 27009 or similar). If the second Host is on the same LAN, there should be no issue. If itís on a different segment, youíll have to open the port or forward the port to first license server.

GGW - How to configure a central license server.pdf

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