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GO-Global Connection Issues

GO-Global for Windows


Having issues with client connection to the host server


Are there any errors displayed when attempting to connect?

         if so..please screen capture the errors message(s)


Did your Host Name and/or Host ID (mac address change)?

       If so, then a rehost will be required.


Please verify that the GO-Global License service is in the 'started' mode.  

       If started ... stop and restart.  

Have you applied Window Updates?

       check the Support Portal for host release notes for possible issues with KB updates

Does this affect all Users trying to connect?


Can you connect locally to the Host as the same user?


Check port 491 is reachable from outside we recommend using the TELNET service on the remote client. (If you are not familiar with using TELNET, please use our hot tips and search keyword  TELNET from the support portal).


If the TELNET test was NOT successful... then you need to further troubleshoot our network.  Resource Dynamics does nto provide network support that includes firewalls, port settings, etc..  Your host must be successfully reachable from the outside on port 491.


If the TELNET test was successful then...

Please verify that only your valid license(s) are in your \program files\graphon\go-global\programs.  If you have old and/or demo licenses this can cause issues.  If you are not sure of your valid license(s), email a copy of your license(s) and they can validate for you.


Remove any license files that are not valid and stop and restart the GO-Global license service. 


Your permanent license could be corrupted...Email Support and request a copy of your license file(s).

Verify your host and clients are both on the same GO-Global version.  Version 4.7 and older are no longer supported. You must upgrade.  If you have an active contract, complete the Upgrade request from the Support Portal.


If you are on a version 4.8, please have the client duplicate the connection attempt and then note and provide the following:


USERS name that duplicated the connect attempt

DATE and TIME the connection attempt was made


Run the Support Request Wizard from the cluster manager | help menu (this creates a zip file of items we need)


On the Host , browse to \program files\graphon\go-global\logs and locate the APS log that covers the date/time frame the connection issue was duplicated.


Send this information to us so we can further research.


If you are on version 5.0, there are now client log files available.


The names of client log files include the name of the user, the address of the host, and the date and time that the client was started. Client log files are stored in the user's %APPDATA%\GraphOn\Logs directory (on Windows clients) and in the \Program Files\GraphOn\GO-Global\Log\Clients directory on the host.


When a log file is copied from the client to the host, the client's copy of the log file is moved to the %APPDATA%\GraphOn\Logs\Old directory on the client computer.


Log files are stored on the client for the number of days specified in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\GraphOn\GO-Global\Client\LogFileAgeLimit registry value. The default is 10 days. 


These changes make it easier for system administrators to determine the cause of connection problems. For example, if a user reports that his or her connection to the host is frequently getting dropped, the system administrator can check the host and client log files to determine the cause. In this scenario, the client log files from the user's previous sessions will generally be available on the host, and the administrator will not need to manually retrieve the client log files from the client device.


Generally, administrators will only need to retrieve log files from a user's computer in cases where the user is unable to connect to a host at all. 


Please retrieve the client log files from the users computer and email to us along with the Support Request Wizard.

  Thank you.    


If you need additional information on this topic, please contact our Support Team

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