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Domain vs local account

GO-Global for Windows


What is the difference between domain and local account?


It's about where the user accounts are kept.  Domain users that are entered into the domain users group on a domain controller..objects in active directory.  Operating systems that support domains, such as Windows 2000 Pro and Windows XP Pro can log into a domain and allow these users desktop access and access to the network resources.  Domain users are centrally managed at the server.  Once a machine is set to log into a domain and not local account, it usually is never logged in locally again.

Most users on workstations and servers will be members of the Users local group by default.  These Users are not permitted to log on locally to primary domain controller. 

If you are using a domain controller/domain server, you need to be sure that Users are set to domain user group and not the local user account.

Please check with your IT / Network administrator for security rights required for local users to access domain.

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