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FireFox Plugin Fails at Logon

GO-Global for Windows


Updated to the lasted FIREFOX and now the GO-Global plug-in for logon fails.


Below is a statement from our engineering team regards to this please have a read-

Mozilla announced last year that it planned to phase support for NPAPI plugins out of FIREFOX. Initially, Mozilla stated that support for plugins would be removed by the end of 2016, but Mozilla later revised its schedule and announced that FIREFOX 52 ESR would be the last release of FIREFOX that would support NPAPI plugins.

FIREFOX 52 ESR was just released, and GraphOn has verified that the GO-Global Add-on runs in FIREFOX 52 ESR. Mozilla plans to maintain FIREFOX 52 ESR until Q2 2018. It appears, however, that Mozilla  has removed support for NPAPI plugins from the general (non-ESR) release of FIREFOX 52. And since the non-ESR versions of FIREFOX automatically upgrade to the latest release, the GO-Global NPAPI plugin can no longer be used in the non-ESR versions of FIREFOX.

GO-Global for Windows has never supported the general (non-ESR) versions of FIREFOX, and the latest release of GO-Global for Windows supports FIREFOX 38 ESR. In spite of this, many GO-Global users have, in the past, run the GO-Global NPAPI plugin from unsupported, non-ESR, versions of FIREFOX. They will no longer be able to do this. GO-Global users who want to use the GO-Global NPAPI plugin will now have to install an ESR version of FIREFOX.

They should use the supported version, FIREFOX 38 ESR. For future releases of FIREFOX, GraphOn is in progress with the development of an HTML5 client that runs in FIREFOX and other major browsers. The HTML5 client requires no installation on the client computer; any computer with a supported browser can run it. The HTML5 client is targeted to be released before Mozilla ends support for NPAPI plugins and FIREFOX 52 ESR.

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