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Customized HelpDesk Reports


How can I add my custom reports inside HelpDesk?


With HelpDesk version 4.0 released back in 2008, we started the process of limiting the option for Users to add their custom reports to run from the HelpDesk - Reports menu.

In short, this was causing massive support which was unrelated to HelpDesk itself. 

Users can continue to customize your own reports but you will execute them outside of HelpDesk.

Users are 100% responsible for design and execution of their reports.  Resource Dynamics does not provide support for any custom reports.

We still continue to include standard reports, Inquiry Analysis, Billings, Time Log, etc..  These reports cannot be modified.  You can add/remove report parameters as needed.

Your HelpDesk database is either MS ACCESS or MS SQL format.  Any reporting utility that you own and familiar with and can read these table formats should work for you.  To help you design your report and pull data, you need to create the database scheme. 

For MS ACCESS, open the .mdb in MS ACCESS.  There is an option to create a database layout/scheme.  Please use your HELP menu for assistance with this process if needed. 

For MS SQL, open the database in object explorer, expand the database to create the database scheme. Depending on your SQL version, instructions will vary.  Please access your HELP menu for further instructions.

Thank you.

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