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Access Violation


EAccess violation. Access violation messages in HelpDesk


Most common for this type of error, is a hiccup on your network.  When using wireless, data packets could be getting dropped. HelpDesk needs to have a constant connection to the HelpDesk mdb. 

For workstations that allow HelpDesk to sit idol for a period of time, you may hit an automatic timeout and the connection lost.  Or if your power scheme it set to turn off hard disk or put the system into standby or hibernation will cause a disconnect.


If you are ACCESS database format: Compact and repair your HelpDesk .MDB located in your main \server directory.  This will require you to have a copy of MS ACCESS so you can open the database. Make sure there are NO *.lck files in your main \server directory.  Make a SAFE backup of the database before you do anything. 

Also if you are connecting to an external contacts database (ACT!), please be sure to run a database maintenance on the ACT! database you have configured with HelpDesk.  Corrupted data from ACT! may not effect ACT! but can be populated to HelpDesk and corrupt the database.

Once the compact and repairs are completed, try logging back into HelpDesk client.  If you receive the same error message you will have an option to Show Bug Report. Click on Show Bug Report and then SEND bug report to with details for further assistance.

If you are SQL database format and you are connecting to ACT!, run the database maintenance on the ACT! database and try to logon to the HelpDesk client.  If you receive the same error, send bug report as indicated above.

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