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KI_15035 KI_15035
Workflow not found


Creating inquiry and getting error 'workflow not found'


Enabled the optional feature and did not complete the configuration


Be sure there are NO locks in the \server or \server\users folder. 

Must have exclusive access to the database.

Make a safe backup of your database (helpdesk mdb)

Log into configuration | optional features | go to Inquiry Workflow

If enabled, click the 'configure' button

If not, enable then click the 'configure' button

If the <next> button enabled, click it

If not, click the first option on the screen, then click <next>

If the box "enable workflow by default on all new inquiries' is check, uncheck it.

click save - uncheck the 'use inquiry workflow feature' box - click save and Exit.

In 'some' cases, you may need to contact our Support Team for a database patch to run to completely clear the settings.  Or run the update/repair installer which includes the patch.

Reminder: DO NOT enable features if there is a configuration button.  If you do not complete the configuration this will cause issues in the software application

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