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Offer your customers the ability to lookup status
and other information on their open inquiries.

'All that's required is that your company has a Web Site'


Publish inquiry status information for 'selected' customers so that they can visit
your web site and easily find out information about open or recently closed inquiries
for their companies.

Allows you to choose 'which' customers can perform lookups,
and 'what' information you want them to see.

Choose from standard templates or design
your own.

Can automatically upload 'fresh' information on a schedule of your
choosing, i.e. 'once a day','every hour', every 4 hours, etc.

Publish to an area on your web site available to all visitors or in a 'subscribers
only' folder on your site.

Requires no special software or hardware. Publish on either a dedicated
or shared hosted web server.

New Price $ 295.00
   This is a one-user, one-time purchase, regardless of users licensed owned.
   It is designed to be used by an administrator.

Have a look at our demo page
which demonstrates how this feature works,

try it out on our
own Inquiry Status Publisher DEMO PAGE.

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Requires licensed Tele-Support