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About Resource Dynamics, Inc.

Resource Dynamics, Inc., has been serving its current market segment since 1992, working with GraphON, hopTo, SAGE ACT!, TeleMagic, Front Range Goldmine, and SwiftPage Act!, and has been a leader in creating productivity enhancements for sales automation, contact management, customer service, and helpdesk applications.

We are dedicated to publishing, enhancing, and supporting Tele-Support HelpDesk moving forward, a powerful yet cost effective solution for small to medium sized companies. If you need to track something, Tele-Support HelpDesk is the answer. We use Tele-Support HelpDesk internally and track our Sales, Support and Development all from one solution.

We are also dedicated to offering GraphOn's GO-Global for Windows Solution. The perfect answer to web-enable window applications. Not only are we a premier reseller, we are also a user.

In 1992, Alan Frankel our founder, started the company in the contact management industry, sales automation, and add-on productivity solutions for TeleMagic. The first WORD PERFECT Merge solution for Tele-Magic and Calendar solution.

In 1994, expanded add-on productivity solutions to ACT!, Goldmine, Business Contact Management, and Outlook. We have an excellent long standing reputation for product solutions, reliability, customer service, and a willingness to listen to our customers' needs and react.

Thank you for visiting our web site and we hope we have the opportunity of serving you now and in the future.

Meet Our Staff

Ronda Mish: CEO/President
In 1994 joined RDI with a position of Office Manager and quickly became an asset in the successful business growth of the company. has a vast knowledge in every area of the company, lending a helping hand as needed to ensure fast, reliable service to our customers. Known to be the go-to-person to get what you need and when you need it! Her dedication to RDI will continue to move the company forward as new markets are explored.

Customer Service Team:
     Teri Thompson, Sales Manager.  Joined RDI in 2009
     Lori Casio, Sale Team Member and Record Maintenance.  Joined RDI in 2014

Support Service Team:
     Lynn Greenlee, Director Support Team.  Joined RDI in 1998
     Christian Cane, Support Team Member.  Joined RDI in 2008
     Patricia Hall, Support & Licensing Team Member.  Joined RDI in 1997

Research & Development Team:
     Samantha Devine, Research Team Member.  Joined RDI in 2009
     Roger Lamb, Research Team.  Joined RDI in 2005
     Steven Kamradt, Developer.  Joined RDI in 2004

Accounting Team:
     Amanda Brooks, Accounting Team.  Joined RDI in 2012

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