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  Lead Referral Program

Welcome to our Lead Referral Program for Tele-Support HelpDesk.

NOTE: If you were part of an earlier Reseller Program, any existing 'active' customers will be grandfathered in to your original plan.
However, any new customers and/or customer who want to reinstate their service will now be part of the Lead Referral Program as described below.

This program is designed for companies and individuals who may wish to recommend, market, or simply provide us leads for Tele-Support HelpDesk, but who do not wish to become involved with the product in a support capacity, pre-sales questions, quotes, or sales activities.

This is for EVERYONE who may have customers who might have an interest in our HelpDesk service and support application.

Put a link on your web page or send an email to your customers and prospects (we'll even give you a choice of pre-written emails you can use).  I guarantee that you'll find interest in this important application.

This is how easy it to MAKE SALES COMMISSIONS .... with .... VERY LITTLE EFFORT..

Give us a lead,we make a sale
      we pay you a one-time referral commission 25% of the total sale

You make a HelpDesk sale,
           we give you 25% of the total sale.
           If you make future annual renewals (optional) will provide 10% discount

Refer or pre-register your lead for HelpDesk to Resource Dynamics by
      Filling out lead registration form on-line
      Registering by phone 727-367-1020

      ACT Reseller
      Reseller of CRM Software
      Software Reseller
      Or has a market that would benefit from our software

Provide a lead that is:
      * not already a registered prospect with another reseller or RDI
      * not already a Tele-Support customer and user

What we pay you if we make the sale:
      If a sale is made by Resource Dynamics on a referral propspect, then RDI will pay to
      referring company a onetime Lead Referral commission of 25% of the initial HelpDesk gross sale
      (excludes any future purchses that may be made by your lead)
      Such payment will be made
      45 days after the final sale (payment by customer)

What you earn when you make the sale:
      If you make the sale directly, then RDI will discount your purchase
      for referring company 25% of the initial HelpDesk gross sale
      Discount will be reflected on your quote/order form.
      If your purchase includes a care plan, your future renewals or reinstatement you initiate will
      provide a 10% discount

How we can help you market
      * Provide you with email templates is you wish to do promotionl marketing
      * Engage customer with phone or on-line demonstrations.
      * We provide full marketing and demos plus trials in order to 'make the sale'.
      * We can provide you with a 1 on 1 training session.

Just give us the name of a prospect you think might be interested in HelpDesk or actively send out an email to your database. If you wish to send out an email or post a link, please read below.


Here's how it can work for you:

  1.    We supply you with a a link, that looks like the following:     

      Software for
      Customer Service,
      Help Desk,
      Call Tracking
free evaluation downloads here

2.    You can easily past this link anywhere on your web page or inside of an email that can be sent to your customers.  Change the look and feel of the link however you like.

3.    Each link has your unique code so that when an interested prospect clicks on the link wanting to see one of our demos, we will automatically know that the 'click' came from your web site or email.  We will email you to tell you of the interest and then notify you if we make a sale so that we can send you your lead referral fee.

"Send us the lead…. We make the sale…… You collect the commission".

We provide:

          *  Marketing materials, including HTML email campaigns that you can modify and use.
          *  Customized link with your special code that you can put on your web site or into emails.
SAMPLES of Emails and Links) 
          *  Direct links to our demos

All you do is: 
          Nothing.  Just refer your prospects....

We Pay You
          Onetime Lead Referral commission of 25% of the Sale  

Call or email us today and we'll get you started with a unique code that identifies your business and point you to our Lead Referral emails and links.


Resource Dynamics, Inc.