Five Simple Reasons to Choose GO-Global

It’s easy and fast to web-enable with GO-Global 1 Access Applications from Any Platform

Not only is GO-Global an efficient Web-enabling and application publishing solution, it’s also a cross-platform solution. So now Linux users can run Windows applications. Windows users can run UNIX and Linux programs. Mac users can run Windows applications. Windows 98 users can Windows XP programs. You get the picture, right? Mix and match for the most effective application access solution.

2 Web-enable in 15 Minutes or Less

With GO-Global there’s no need to re-engineer your applications for the Web. Without touching a single line of code, you can instantly make your Windows, UNIX and Linux application accessible from any Web browser on any platform.


3 Save Both Time and Money

GO-Global is the easy, cost-effective application delivery solution. There’s nothing extra to buy and no code to be rewritten. Just plug and play. And unlike other solutions, GO-Global is offered on a cost-effective, concurrent licensing basis. So you’ll maximize the value of your current applications while lowering your total cost of ownership.


4 Take Advantage of Enhanced Security

Distributed applications open up potential security exposures. That’s why GO-Global’s unique architecture has been specifically designed to retain your mission-critical applications and sensitive data securely on a central server behind your corporate firewall. What’s more, GO-Global transmissions are fully encrypted, including Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and 256-bit AES encryption.


5 Eliminate Citrix and Windows Terminal Server

GO-Global for Windows eliminates the need for cumbersome add-on infrastructure such as Windows Terminal Server or Citrix. And unlike WTS and Citrix, GO-Global incorporates our patented, high-performance RXP protocol. RXP provides fast, efficient access, even over high latency dial-up lines and Internet connections.