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Go-Global Test Drive

NOTE: due to recent changes by GraphOn, we are limited to Sales and Support within the US ONLY
Out side the US, please contact GraphOn directly

The beauty of GO-Global is that you can access your applications from many different types of clients. These include:

            Inernet Explorer                      If you're using an iPad, Click Here.
            MAC's Safari
            Windows desktop client
            MAC desktop client
            Apple iPad
  (iPad 1 & iPad 2)

Purpose of Test Drive: The purpose of the "Test Drive" is not to show the features of a particular application, but rather to show the speed and versatility of publishing your favorite applications for use over the Internet.

Requirements: GO-Global clients can run under several different client operating systems. These include Windows, MAC, Apple iPad, and Linux.

(These clients are for GO-Global version 5.0 if you have an earlier version of GO-Global, you should not run the "test drive" demo.)

     GO-Global can connect to the Windows host by either running from:

          Internet Explorer Browser
          Chrome Browser
          Firefox Browser
          Native Desktop Client
     (download Windows native desktop client)

     For complete description of how to use the iPad client, please CLICK HERE:

Internet Explorer or Firefox (most used) Native Windows Desktop Client Macintosh (OS10)  /   Linux
Microsoft Internet Explorer requires that an Active-X comppnent be installed (only the first time you run it). Firefox likewise will install it's own browser client.

Your browser will ask, either at the top or bottom of your browser for your permission to install.

Our test drive below can use either Internet Explorer or Firefox Browser.

The Windows Native Desktop client can be run directly from a Windows desktop after it has been installed.

Download, install on your desktop, then run the installed program.

It will ask you for the name of the GO-Global server. Please use

After client installation, login using
    User = "tshdguest"
    PW = helpdesk
MAC      Download the MAC client
If you're using a MAC client, download the following file and install if you want to run directly from a desktop client.

If you are using the MAC browser Safari, then just click on the demo link below and it will automatically install and configure the browser client for you.

Linux     Download the Linux client

You're only a few clicks away from seeing the power of GO-Global.

This is for browser clients, including IE, Firefox, Safari

Log into Application Desktop

User name: TSHDGUEST
Passord: helpdesk

Log directly into our web enabled DESKTOP where you can publish applications of your choice. Take a look at both speed and visual aspects of these applications. Simple, easy to install, easy to use, and FAST.

This is for browser clients, including IE, Firefox, Safari       

Log directly into one of the following applications:

You can configure a link to go directly into an application. When you close the application, you'll be returned to the calling web page or desktop. Click on one of the links below to load that application.

Tele-Support HelpDesk   ACT!   Goldmine   QuoteWerks  

Note: Application User ID and Passwords:
  Tele-Support HelpDesk
ACT! 2011
(User ID = Guest             Password = blank)
(User ID = Guest User    Password = blank)
(User ID = Guest User    Password = blank)
(User ID = Guest User    Password = blank))

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