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l GO-Global Upgrade Request

GO-Global Rehost / Upgrade Request
If you are under a current GO-Global Maintenance Agreement, you are entitled to REHOST/UPGRADE to the most current GO-Global version. These upgrades require a new license in order to run. Please do not run the upgrade program until you receive confirmation from us.

Please fill out the form below with all information. We will contact you with instructions.

Updates to the most current version are distributed as always via our web site or directly from the Graphon web site.

Field Definitions:

GO-Global version and build number - Launch the cluster manager and click on 'Help', 'About' to obtain this information.

Host Name - What is the computer name of the GO-Global application server. Required for licensing. If the NEW Host Name is the same, please enter "SAME" on this line.

Host ID - This is the physical address (or MAC) address of the GO-Global Server. Required for licensing. If the NEW Host ID is the same, please enter "SAME" on this line.

Operating System - The operating system version that is running on the GO-Global Application server. If the NEW Host operating system is the same, please enter "SAME" on this line.

Plase fill out ALL fields listed below:

Requester / Authorized by

Name:  *
Company:  *
Email:  *
Phone:  *
Current GO-Global Version:  *
End User License Confirmation (If different from Requestor)
End User Name:  
End User Company:  
End User Email:  
Other Information

Upgrading to SAME Version or NEW Version?
Version?  *

Upgrading to SAME HOST or NEW HOST?
Host?  *

If you selected "Change HOSTID above,
        please provide either Current Host ID or Host Name:

Current Host Id or Name:  
If you are requesting a NEW host,
        please provide the following information:

New Host Name:  *
New Host ID:  *
New Op System:  *
New OS is 32 or 64 bit?:  *

All information provided is for internal use only and will be kept strictly confidential.

Your request will be processed promptly. You will receive an email from us shortly.
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