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HelpDesk Database Purge

Special $99 one-time cost

Clean up old inquiryrecords, timelog records and increase performance


Most companies maintain 2 years of technical records to reference back and purge older records for histrocial references. Running an Inquiry Report provides you with your historical reference

HDPurge was designed for the ACCESS database users.

SQL Users..there are a number of utilities already on the market specific to SQL databases. Some of the newer SQL Servers have built in maintenance options. You also still have the option to create your own SQL Query. We would be happy to share our critiera with you if you like. Email Support for more information.

HDPurge is currently a one-way purge. There is no option to recover records back into the HelpDesk database.

HDPurge Advance (coming soon) will include an archive feature.

Resource Dynamics, Inc.

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