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GO-Global Support Policy

When you purchase GO-Global, you are making a one time purchase of the GO-Global software license. The license you purchase allows you to use GO-Global on your designated server as long as you like. Should you have to move GO-Global to another server, even running a different operating system, there are no additional charges.

When you initially purchase GO-Global, maintenance and support is included in your first year's usage and is itemized for you during purchase.

The "per user license" maintenance fee for GO-Global covers updates, upgrades, and phone/email technical support. With this annual fee, you never have an additiional GO-Global expense, unless you add additional users.

It couldn't be more simple.

Licensing is very straight forward. All you need to know is how many people, at any ONE TIME, no matter where in the world they are, need to access applications on your GO-Global server. GO-Global uses a "concurrent" licensing model.

Want to give it a spin? Give us a call or drop us an email. We'll send you everthing you'll need via email to try it yourself, right in your own office.

Registered Users LOGIN here for           
Technical Support and Update Files           

GO-Global Test Drive or GO-Global Full Evaluation

If you would like an evaluation of GO-Global and try it at your own offices, then please visit our GO-Global Evaluation Request page.

We will process your request and send you instructions on installing a GO-Global server along with an evaluation license.

Be sure to check out our Test Drive first and see just how fast and versatile GO-Global can be.

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