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Healthy Server Offsite Backup Preferred Partner

Fully managed onsite and offsite backup

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Resource Dynamics has Partnered with Carroll-Net to offer their patented backup solution. Carroll-Net was founded in 1994 with the goal of providing datacenter services all at an affordable price. The industry now calls this 'cloud services' but it's all common sense.

Why we are offering Carroll-Net for your business protection?

First, we have found very few companies that have the depth and range of services that Carroll-Net offers. Some provide some of the solutions, but you won't find one that will put together as comprehensive package as Carroll-Net has. The benefit of having a single provider responsible for all your backup needs, simply means no finger pointing or inter operability issues.

Overview Top 10 Benefits
Each customer receive a free backup server. Each day you'll get a patented three-way backup: backup onsite, backup offsite and backup archive. And the engineers will monitor your backups and correct problems even before they happen.

  • Free Backup Server
  • Free Server Upgrades and Lifetime Replacements
  • Free Onsite Revisions
  • Free LoJack© Theft Protection
  • Free 30-day Trial
  • Fully Managed Backups
  • Unlimited Servers, Workstation's and Laptops
  • Unlimited Support
  • No long term contract
  • All storage and support from within the United States
  1. Each client receives a FREE Backup Server with Caroll-Net's powerful, patented block level backup built in, which provides reliability and speed where it matters.
  2. Free Healthy Server upgrades and lifetime replacements. Your server grows as your business grows.
  3. Automatic onsite AND offsite backups so you can recover your files from wherever you are.
  4. Free onsite revisions using Volume Shadow Copy means you can go back to previous version without going to the internet and recover is fast.
  5. Healthy Server is ready to backup your entire operation: Windows, Linus, Mac's, even Mainframes. A single solution for all your backup needs.
  6. Your backups are fully managed by Carroll-Net engineers. This saves you time and frees you to focus on what's important to your business.
  7. LoJack© Theft Protection embedded in your Healthy Server.
  8. Customizable retention allows precise control of your cloud storage.
  9. Service backed by over 20 years of experiences.
  10. More than backup - Carroll-Net offers hot-site hosting and DR consulting.

Healhty Server Price

System Requirements FAQs
Each customer receives their own free backup server. To use this server, you'll need the following available:

LAN connection to your network. It can accept 10/100 or 1GM Ethernet.
Power (connected to UPS).
Space for the server (HxWxD) 15.65" x 14.25" x 39.75cm x 11.66cm x 36.19cm)
check out Healthy Workstation

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