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  Hot Tips Publisher

for  Tele-Support HelpDesk

Extend the power of Tele-Support HelpDesk's
Hot Tips knowledgebase with our new
Hot Tips Publisher.
'Publish to the Web'


Publish selected Hot Tips from Tele-Support HelpDesk knowledgebase to your
web site, intranet, or field technician's laptop.

Contains powerful key word and text search ability.

Allows you to link attachments to your Hot Tips.

Change the look feel of your published pages to suit your company's needs, including graphics, logo, and linked pages.

Publish to an area on your web site available to all visitors or in a 'subscribers only' folder on your site.

Requires no special software or hardware. Publish on either a dedicated or shared hosted web server, intranet, or a technician's laptop.

New Price $ 295.00
   This is a one-user, one-time purchase, regardless of users licenses owned. It is designed to be used by an administrator.

Take a test drive and view a sample of Resource Dynamic's on-line Hot Tips Knowledgebase.

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Requires licensed Tele-Support