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Known Issues version 5.1.


KI 15042A: Signatures are placed at the end of the HTML Email Template just before the </body> tag.  However, if you reply to an Email, which already has one or more </body> tags, your Signature will randomly be placed.

KI 15042B: Signatures when creating, once you create and save, to update the database with your changes, you must exit Signatures.  We are looking into how the database can be updated instantly.

KI 15042C: Signatures when selected appears the font settings will be replaced by the Template fonts.


KI 15058: resolved in Stand Alone contacts queue reverts column settings after updating software.

KI 15059: resolved in LookUp Inquiry returns Syntax error is you use an apostrophe mark in the search field.  All other punctuation marks work

KI 15039: resolved in When you reply directly from an Email either from the QUEUE or from the Open Inquiry, the original 'FROM' email address is not displayed.  This is by designed and not a bug.  We have submitted to development for future change. 

KI 15051: resolved in Stand Alone Contact Queue, when setting the default column locations once you exit and log back in the columns are in a different location.

KI 15046 resolved in when sending Group Email from the Stand Alone Contacts Queue, returns error message IMetaData not supported.

KI 15045 resolved in   When running HelpDesk Stand Alone (built in CRM), the tab order as been changed to be more logical moving field-to-field.

KI 15034 resolved in Bulletin Board - when selecting USERS, inactive Users would appear on the selection list.

KI 15037 resolved in Sending an Email from outside an inquiry that included a 'bcc' would return an error, but would still send the 'bcc' email. 

KI 15038 resolved in WorkFlow enabled. This is an optional feature that required the ADMIN User to enable and configure. We have found many are just enabling the feature and not completing the configuration and when they do go back an disable, the feature is still engaged. This causing issues and ripple effects.  We have added additional code to force the feature to be reset back to factor IF a User enable and then disables this feature without completing the configuration as required.

Users with 'ACTIVE' maintenance for version 5.1.1 are entitled to updates that include fixes, patches, features and enhancements during your active period.  You can access the Support Portal and login to version 5.1.1 to access the UPDATE installer.

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