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Features and Enhancements version 5.1.1

Tele-Support HelpDesk

New Features and Enhancements


Updated: July 25, 2017

Tele-Support HelpDesk is packed full of features, more than anyone person would ever use, but something for everyone. 

Based on User feedback, there are more enhancements that we have added.  If you have a PLUS Care Plan or your initial purchase of a license was within 30 days of our release, you are entitled to receive these updates free. 

If you have not already received your 'User ID and Password", please E-mail:

Please include your serial number (found in help - about) and they will E-mail it back to you.

Main Support Portal, including Self-Help Knowledgebase


  • Templates include Contact fields for Stand Alone.  When configured as a Stand Alone using built in contact manager, you now have the option to create templates to include 'contact fields'.  This is a great feature for EMarketing and making your Emails more personable.   TIP:  Recommend installing a HelpDesk client onto the same computer as the Email Scheduler/Post Office.  When sending mass-Emails, send from the Scheduler/Post Office computer instead of a client.  Currently the client processes the Emails.  Sending a mass-email could temporary hold up your client access until all Emails have been queued and passed over to the Scheduler.  Plans in our next major update will include enhancement to move the Email processing away from the client and directly to the Post Office, this freeing up resources on a client workstation.

  • Email Link to Contact.  This new feature allows you to link your Email directly to the contact record. This feature is for those that have configured HelpDesk as a Stand Alone using the built in CRM. When you receive an Email in your Queue, and it does not associate with an inquiry or require an inquiry, you now have the option from the New Inquiry Search Screen to 'Link to Contact'.


  • Change Ownership.  This new feature allows the Admin Supervisor User to go into configuration, through the User Editor and change ownership of all current (open) inquiries and/or known issues from one owner to another owner.  This is a great feature if a User leaves the company or a User is out for a short term and you want to change the owner of their inquiries to be sure your customers calls are being taken care of and not sitting idle in someone queue. To ensure the new owner is aware of the change, the ALERT icon will be automatically enabled (if you display the Alert column on the queue). 

  • HelpDesk Calendar.  This new features allows Users to view Inquiries, Task and Known Issues on a monthly calendar view. Filter settings allow to view items with a  Due Date, Scheduled Date and Waiting Date. See a glance of all your task and known issues month by month. Create a Task for Vacations so you don't create and refer Task or Known issues with a due date for the person on vacation.  Users that have access to viewing inquiries out-side their department, will also have access to other Users Calendars.

  • HelpDesk Email now includes support for SSL/TLS for POP, IMAP or Gmail. 


  • Templates Editor now includes a tree-view for more organization. Grouped by Category.

  • When updating your host server, a message will display on the client side. This avoiding the local windows security that blocks the update from downloading across the network. Must update host server to and run the client install on each workstation for future display messages.

  • Enhancement to HelpDesk Inquiry 'DeskTop' Viewer. This existing feature will now be enhanced for Act! Users who don't use HelpDesk, but need to view inquiry data.  The Viewer will auto-populate and return results based on the current Act! contact record you are displaying.  This in some cases replaces the previous plug-in that created the 'helpdesk' tab on the contact record in Act!.   For all HelpDesk Users, you can also utilize this small compact viewer with full search and results without having your HelpDesk opened. Also GREAT for the HelpDesk User who already has an inquiry open and doesn't want to close, just use the DeskTop Viewer to search and find existing inquiries (does not yet have the ability to create/open while another inquiry is in the open state).

  • Report for Inquiry Analysis now includes the 'sort by' option for Inquiry Number.  Giving you the ability to report on a specific inquiry.


  • Enhancement to Workflow filters.  This feature allows you to set filters when the Workflow Emails should be enabled or disabled.  Example you have a Category = INFOMATION, you create inquiries to keep track, but the customer or prospect does not need a WorkFlow Email.  Or Category = SALES, you create inquiries to track Sales, Quote, and Purcahses, but WorkFlow Emails not needed.

  • Email Link to Contact in Act!.  This will allow an in-bound Email to the HelpDesk Email Queue to be linked directly to the Act! contact record | documents.  Non-HelpDesk Users would need to also instill the HelpDesk Email File Viewer to open and view the Email linked.

  • Email Queue for multiple accounts. When running Tele-Support HelpDesk as a Stand Alone, you will have the ability to see different Email queues for each Email Account.  Based on Users Security rights to Email Accounts will appear in the Email Queue for the logged on User. 

  • Templates Editor will include a tree-view for better organization when creating and editing your templates.


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