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HelpDesk 5.1. System Requirements & Compatibl


What are the System Requirements and Compatibility for Tele-Support HelpDesk 5.1.1?


EVERY O/S environment is different, no two computer are exactly the same.  It is your responsibility to fully test Tele-Support HelpDesk in your environment before making a purchase and/or moving a licensed copy of the software to a new environment.

ALL installers for Tele-Support HelpDesk must be installed by using the right-click, RunAs ADMIN user for the first time. And launch the .exe the same way the first time.  This ensure all the .dll files are properly registered with full admin rights.

Tele-Support HelpDesk has two main sets of files.  SERVER and CLIENT.  Can install onto a 64-bit O/S, but your operating systems must support 32-bit applications.

SERVER Files can be installed on:

Server 2012 R2

Server 2008 R2

*Windows 10 non-home

*Windows 8 non-home

*Windows 7 non-home

*When using a non-server operating system as your file server and for your clients, you may need to make all users ADMIN users.  You will need to disable the UAC (User Account Controls) for each user.  Check your Microsoft EULA as to the number of .CAL licenses are available.  Usually 20, but you are responsible to verify.

CLIENT Files can be installed on:

Server 2012 R2

Server 2008 R2

*Windows 10 non-home

*Windows 8 non-home

*Windows 7 non-home

iPAD; iPHONE; Android clients available and supported when accessing through GO-Global for Windows  We offer GO-Global as a solution to web enable Window applications.  GO-Global NOT limited to just web enabling HelpDesk.  Can web enable just about any Windows application.  Support available when GO-Global purchased through Resource Dynamics and you have a active GO-Global and HelpDesk maintenance contract.

Limited Technical Support when using Citrix, Windows Terminal Services, Remote Desktop or Hosted services.  Because of the various way security and users can be configured in each of these environments we can not fully guarantee HelpDesk will function correctly. 


  • Tele-Support HelpDesk Stand Alone - built in by default. Fully customizable contact manager.
  • Act! PREM or PRO (non-web) v16 and newer
  • Act! PREM or PRO (non-web) v2012 and older, we still include the required contact manager links  so you can configure, however if the version of Act! is discontinued, support is not guaranteed.

RESOURCES minimum required:

All operating systems must support 32-bit applications.


500 MB disk space

NOTE: Tele-Support HelpDesk may still be able to install onto a Server 2003 and XP PRO. However, since these systems are completely out-dated, support is not available.

If you need additional information on this topic, please contact our Support Team

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