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HelpDesk Licensing

Tele-Support HelpDesk has two separate unique licensing schemes.  They are:

1. HelpDesk LAN
2. HelpDesk for the Web
Runs on a local area network
Runs over the Internet inside a browser

Each requires separate licenses which you can purchase according to your needs.

Tele-Support HelpDesk (LAN)   -  License Scheme

HelpDesk LAN user licenses (designed to run over a local area network using Windows workstations) begin at user counts of 2, 5,10 and can be incremented in multiples of 5.

Please note that User counts are concurrent. Concurrent licensing means we only count the user that are connected and logged into HelpDesk at any one time. (This is a much greater value over many other competitive products which use 'named' users and require buying more licenses, one for each user name, than is our concurrent method).

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