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GO-GLOBAL for Windows Pricing

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GO-Global Licensing is concurrent connections.
Pricing is based on the number of seats per license file. We do not offer cumulative pricing.
Maint/Support pricing is based on the number of seats per license file. We do not offer cumulative pricing.
Adding seats to existing host server, will automatically merge existing maintenance forward to expire same date as new purchase.
Adding seats to existing host server and the maintenance is expired, will automatically reinstate existing maintenance at prevailing rates.

Client's available at no cost for Windows, basic iOS APP, basic Android APP, Mac OSX 10.6 and later, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS 5 and 6, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop and Ubuntu.

Active Maintenance includes for 1 year:
Unlimited technical support services for GO-Global software
excludes support for your network, hardware, security, Active Directory, software other than GO-Global
Unlimited access to updates/patches and upgrades
4 rehost services (for any reason we need to recode your permanent license file)
Annual maintenance OPTIONAL to renew.

Are you Non-Profit | Educational | Government ?
   Ask about our special pricing for qualified organizations
   Requires minimum 10 seat license purchase.

One-Time Cost includes initial permanent license file plus 1st year maintenance. Your only on-going cost would be if you wish to renew your maintenance contract.

GO-Global for Windows

Pricing is based on the number of seats PER-License purchased
Description Item # One-time License Cost Renewal Annual Maint. Cost
GO-Global 1 seat GGL1 $    375.00 each $75.00
GO-Global 2 to 9 seats GGL2 $    225.00 each $45.00 each
GO-Global 10 to 99 seats GGL10 $    169.00 each $38.00 each
GO-Global 100 to 249 seats GGL100 $    145.00 each $36.00 each
GO-Global 250+ seats GGL250+ $    125.00 each $30.00 each

GO-Global High Encyrption GGH-L $    350.00 each $125.00 each

AddOn: hopTo MAX for GO-Global

hopTo MAX delivers a Mobile App eXperience for Go-Global. Transform existing Windows apps delivered via GO-Global for Windows with a great touch enabled user experience with hopTo MAX. This innovative new offering from hopTo helps transform existing apps designed for a mouse and keyboard with a great mobile experience. hopTo MAX delivers the following features for GO-Global for Windows -

     MAX Control - Map windows app functions to customer touch buttons
     MAX Edit - Deliver touch button control of Windows edit functions with Copy, Paste, Select and Select All touch buttons.
     MAXZoon - Enable automatic zoom as the focus changes within the app, such as when tapping into an input or edit field.
          Reposition the view and automatically raise the keyboard as well.

Advanced hopTo Max Client optional for iOS and Android devises.

ADD hopTo MAX Client

Pricing is based on the number of seats PER-License purchased
Must have 'active' GO-Global maintenance contract.
hopTo MAX will require maintenance renewal if your GO-Global has active maintenance.
Description Item # One-time per seat Cost Renewal Cost
hopTo MAX client <100 HTM1 $    50.00 $12.00 each
hopTo MAX client seats 100-249 HTM100 $    46.00 $10.00 each
hopTo MAX client seats 250-499 HTM250 $    40.00 $8.00 each
hopTo MAX client seats 500-999 HTM500 $    36.00 $7.00 each
hopTo MAX client seats 1000+ HTM1K $    call $6.00 each

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