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Version 4.0 Updates

Tech Notice 1 - ACT! requires framework v1.1
Tech Notice 3 - ACT! 11.1 NOT compatible

Installation Tech Tip
Common Tech Tips

MAJOR CHANGE as of version 4.0: Crystal Reports no longer supported inside Tele-Support HelpDesk. Any custom reports you have created will still function, but outside of HelpDesk. You will need to run them directly from Crystal Reports. Due to End User License Agreement issued by owners of Crystal Reports, we can no longer legally provide the run-time files for free

Updating Your 4.0 Tele-Support HelpDesk Software to the most current version

This page is for users that already have Tele-Support HelpDesk 4.0 installed on their systems and/or need instructions to upgrade to 4.0.

If you need to upgrade, and are entitled to 4.0 as part of your Super Bundle, please access the instructions below

Updating your currently installed 4.0 Tele-Support HelpDesk couldn't be easier.

When you installed or upgraded to version 4.0, a special quick update program was installed to your HelpDesk server folder. This program is TSHD40QuickUpdate.exe. Running this program will automatically log onto HelpDesk's distribution server, check for the latest versions of all required HelpDesk files, and then download and install those files on your HelpDesk server. It's that simple.

If there are specific files that our support department wants to send you for any reason, we will email you a direct link to these files as required.

Resources and Tools

Free Hardware/Software Analyzer  -  Download the Belarc Advisor. This is a very good tool to analyze your hardware and software environment.
Resource Dynamics recommends the use of this product but assumes no liability for its use. It does not update your system information.
Instructions to upgrade to 4.0

Upgrade 4.0 Instructions PDF Format 07/14/2008
Upgrade Instructions 4.0
4.0 upgrade Installer

version 4.0 upgrade installer
This file will upgrade your licensed 3.2.1 to 4.0.0
You MUST have a permanent activation code to install your upgrade. Contact our Office BEFORE you upgrade
version 4.0 full installer
Quick Start for New Installations

Quick Start Guide 4.0
Adobe PDF Format
Quick Start 4.0 PDF
Adminstrator's Guide 4.0

Administrator's Guide 4.0
Adobe PDF Format
Users Guide 4.0

Users Guide 4.0
Adobe PDF Format
TSHD 4.0 QuickUpdate

This will update ONLY a current verison 4.0 to the latest build
This WILL NOT upgrade your system from 3.2.1 to 4.0
please see Upgrade instructions above
TSHD4 QuickUpdate

DButil 4.0. Save into your main helpdesk4\server directory
ver 4.0 access to ver 4.0 sql

HDSQL Module
This will convert your existing 4.0 ACCESS database to SQL database format. Purchase license required. Does NOT include MSSQL Server. Does NOT work with 'lite' version of SQL, needs FULL SERVER SQL version. Save in your HelpDesk4\server directory where your heldpesk4.mdb is located, then run. Exclusive access is required when running the conversion.

PLEASE make a SAFE backup of your HelpDesk4.mdb before you convert.
HDSQL Module w/instructions
TSHD 4.0 Reset

License Reset
This will reset your existing 4.0 license back to demo.
TSHD 4.0 Database Scheme

Database Scheme
Used to customize your own reports
TSHD 4.0 License Service

License Service
Tele-Support HelpDesk Licensing now runs as a service
TSHD 4.0 ACT! PlugIn

HelpDesk Viewer for ACT!
This will allow ACT! 2007/2008/2009 users to view selected HelpDesk inquiries in a grid right inside of ACT! via a tab form.
HelpDesk Viewer

Viewer Documentation

Remote Lookup
This will allow ACT!2005 - 2009 users to lookup selected contact record from ACT!
This is a FREE plug-in. We cannot guarantee 100% that it will function in all enviornments. Please test
ACT! LookUp


Lookup executable
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