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Tele-Support HelpDesk


Version 5.0 Updates

Check Compatibility

NOTICE OF FEATURE CHANGE for version 5: QBBiling Link Users. Due to structure changes in both QBooks and Tele-Support HelpDesk 5, we no longer support QBooks.

Updating Your version 5 Tele-Support HelpDesk Software to the most current release

This page is for customers that already have Tele-Support HelpDesk 5 installed on their systems and/or need to upgrade to version 5

This is a PAID upgrade unless you have an active Care Plan that includes version upgrades, the upgrade will be FREE during your contract period. Email Support Team with Subject Line: Version Upgrade 4.1.1. to 5.0 for serial number (include your serial number) and we will verify the update and provide instructions and upgrade license.

NOTE: For Existing 5.0 customers, running the TSHD_QuickUpdate may not update your system depending on your security settings. It may return a message no updates needed (or similar). Best way to update your entire system would be to download the FULL INSTALLER. Install from an existing 5.0 client which will install using the registry key to automatically find your existing HelpDesk5 server. When you select the option for Server Installation,you will then have two option to select from, select the option to UPDATE|Repair. If you have HelpDesk 4 registry key you may be prompted to select the second option. Either option will update. To avoid a possible second server installation, we recommend you verify the server path BEFORE you begin the installation.

Resources and Tools

Free Hardware/Software Analyzer  -  Download the Belarc Advisor. This is a very good tool to analyze your hardware and software environment.
Resource Dynamics recommends the use of this product but assumes no liability for its use. It does not update your system information.
Full Installer

Full Installer
requires a 5 activation code
If you have an existing 5.0 licensed installation
you can use this installer to UPDATE all .exe files
Installation code required.
Be on a version 5.0 workstation with a HelpDesk client installed
Enter your email and click to request code
A code will be sent back to that email so you can install/update

TIP: EITHER option can be used to UPDATE your existing 5.0 installation.

Last Updated

Full Installer 5.0


Admin Guide
User Guide
DBUtil Guide
QuickStart Guide
Last Updated


Inquiry Status Publsher
Let your customers check status
of their inquiries online

Note: This is a PAID add-on module.
FREE Test Drive ISP

Hot Tip Publsher
Convert your Hot Tips to HTML
Self-service Knowledgease

Note: This is a PAID add-on module.
FREE Test Drive HTP
HD Purge

HelpDesk Purge Utility

Clean out old inquiries

Note: This is a PAID add-on module.
More info
HelpDesk MoveToHD5

This file should automatically be installed when you run the UPGRADE option from a version 4 client

If not, download and save into your HelpDesk5 \server directory
This will ONLY function with an existing version 4 database
HelpDesk Inquiry Viewer for ACT! v15 through v17

Have ACT!v15 through v18 and not a HelpDesk User? This free plug-in will create a desktop viewer and depending on the ACT! environment may also create a 'helpdesk' tab right on the contact record in ACT!. This Plug-in allows ACT! users to view (read-only) HelpDesk Inquiry notes. There are two Hot Tips we have created. Hot TIP 118 includes the free plug-ins and instructions. And Tip #122 is an alternative to the 'helpdesk' tab.

Hot Tip ID 118 Plug-In

Hot Tip ID 122 Alternative

RESET Utility

demo reset utlity

Contacts Import

Stand Alone Contacts Import utlity
file location:
place in your \server folder

Works ONLY when configured to Stand Alone built in contact manager.
Contacts Import

Email Import

Do Not Download unless instructed by RDI

Email Import utlity
file location:
C:\program files or \program files x86\hdscheduler\bin
Email Import

ACT!v15 through v17 CMLink Helper

Do Not download unless instructed by RDI
ACT! v15 through v17 CMLink Helper
HD Modules

Do Not download unless instructed by RDI

Troubleshooting utlity for ACT!

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