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Tele-Support HelpDesk Care Plans

ALL Contracts are for a SINGLE HelpDesk database. Sharing contracts is prohibited and can result in loss of service with no refund. ALL Contracts are for a 1 year period or until time used

There are NO roll-overs for our Care Plans.

Care Plans can be upgraded at the time of renewal without penalties (Basic to Plus, Plus to Standard, etc.)

Care Plans can be upgraded during active contract period for cost difference + 10%

Don't want a Care Plan..Just looking for H.E.L.P. Click Here for HELP?
Our PLUS Care Plan, which we've offered for years, is by far
the most popular program available and gives most 'bang per buck'.
1st Year
with new purchase

Includes all updates, patches, and fixes within the licensed version.
     (This is included with every purchase).

Number of times system may be rehosted at NO COST

(Normal fee start at $125.00 per incident. A rehost is when moving HelpDesk to a different server is requird. A deactivaion is required before a new license to be generated). If unable to deactivate, contact our office for options avialable.




Technical Support is for errors and bugs that cause our software to stop running properly.

2 hours

8 hours

email or

Training, How to's, etc., everything else non-technical..You can purchase H.E.L.P

Access FREE online presentations for How To's and Training view here

In your ADMIN and USERS guides, Every feature is detailed from how to configure to how to use it.

per hour

per hour

2 hours
1st year only

Includes FREE, at no cost, all feature enchancements and new versions released within the contract period.

Automated Email alert and reminder notices
see maintenance renewal POLICY

Registered User's Email will recieve an invoice renewal with all three options
You select which one to renew.



Cost (subject to change without notice)

Care Plan prices are for NEW license purchase and annual renewals
Care Plans are purchased ANNUALLY
For cost to purchase after initial license or expired, contact our office

after 1st

$500 Access

$700 SQL

Resource Dynamics, Inc.

Revised March 1, 2015
does not affect care plans that are already active

contact our office if you have any questions about our Plans