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Tele-Support HelpDesk Support Plan Options

ALL Contracts (ie Care Plans or HELP) are for a SINGLE HelpDesk database. Sharing contracts is prohibited and will result in loss of service with NO REFUND. ALL Contracts are for a 1 year period or until services are used, whichever comes first.

Contracts can be changed at the time of renewal without penalties. (Standard to Basic, Basic to Plus, Plus to Standard, etc.)

Contracts can be upgraded anytime during active period for cost difference + 10%.

ALL Support is provided by Email, Live Chat, or Tele-Phone as indicated in your plan

Support hours are available Monday-Friday | 8:00am - 5:00pm EST.

Contracts that are PLUS Care level, will have unlimited access to a private update site during active contract period.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you are working with a Reseller or IT Company,please be sure they check with our Support Team before they make any changes to your existing HelpDesk installation. Such as moving the software (required deactivation for rehost), vitalizing the server (this will break HelpDesk licensing), moving the contact manager if connecting to Act! etc., Changes to the host server can cause issues if not done correctly.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: IT or Network services are not part of your active contract. For network configuration, hardware, or other software installation and configuration, please contact your IT Network Admin. We do not provide support for your network, hardware, security, registry, 3rd party software, custom apps, etc.. You need to have access to your own IT source if needed.

Our PLUS Care Plan is by far the most popular for our buyers. HELP Basic Standard Plus
Technical Support|Help for errors and bugs that cause our software to stop running properly as Purchased 2 hours 8 hours Unlimited
Patches and fixes for your purchased version.

Some patches or fixes may not be available for your version due to code changes and/or restrictions. You will have an option to update (cost associated, excluded PLUS).
Updates | Upgrades for New Enhancements and New Features NO NO NO Yes
EMail Support Service NO NO NO Yes
Online Meeting as applicable to the issue reported NO NO NO Yes
Live Chat Support Service Yes Yes Yes Yes
Training and/or How To services. NON-Technical.

We provide many presentations for FREE. Covering installation and basic configuration. Available through our Support Portal. Full ADMIN and USERS guides are included in your installation that include details how to configure and how to use.

Training is a 2-hour block of time. Scheduled online sessions. 1 year or until time is used, whichever comes first.
$350 $350 $350 NEW Customers Only Include 1st year free.

$350 after first year
Automated Email alert and reminder services. Include, but not limited to, New Updates/Upgrades, new Features. Renewals. Remaining time on contract. Special offers. Yes Yes Yes Yes
REHOST services available during your contract period.

Rehost is required if you wish to move the software and/or you change your NIC card, and/or rename your server and/or virtual your server.

Our permanent license is coded to the Host Name, Host ID and other Host hardware for security. A DEACTIVATION is required to avoid additional cost.

If you use all your rehost, you can purchase the Rehost Service:
Cost with deactivation $125
Cost without deactivation $250
0 1 rehost with deactivation 2 rehost with deactivation 2 rehost with deactivation

2 rehost without deactivation
Cost (subject to change without notice)

Care Plan prices are for 'New' and 'Renewals'
Pricing for the HelpDesk ACCESS database format
Care Plans are purchased annually.

Cost to purchase Care Plan 60 days after initial license or after expired contract will vary. Contact Sales for a quote.
1 hour $150
2 hour $250
3 hour $300
$250 MDB
$450 MDF
$500 MDB
$700 MDF
$750 (starting)
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