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Welcome to our GO-Global Support Zone


Quick Links:

     System Requirements Please check to be sure you have compatible O/S
     Server Sizing Guide for planning ahead of time.
     Compare to Terminal Service & Citrix
     Hot Tips Knowledge base Q&A's, FAQS's, Problems|Resolutions.
     Graphon Support Forum
     Email Support full details including Support Request Wizard.
     Submit Support Inquiry

          Emergency License Request
     This request is to be used ONLY if you are unable to reach our Support Team either by Email or Live chat
     This request is offered when your host server had a catastrophic failure.
     Requires your Product Code - this can be found by opening your *.lic file in notepad.
     License file located in \Program Files\Graphon\GO-Global\Programs.
     Requires the Registered Users contact which will be validated against the Product Code.
     Emergency license is for 5 days and will be emailed to the Registered User only.

     REHOST: Send Email to Licensing
         New license required if your Host Name and/or Host ID changes. Requires active maintenance.
         Include full registration information, NEW Host Name, Host ID (1st physical address), Host O/S

     Version UPGRADE: Send Email to Licensing
         Moving from one version of GO-Global to another, example 4.8.x.xxxx to 5.0.x.xxxx. Requires a new license file.
         Requires a valid maintenance contract to upgrade.
         Include full registration information, and include copy of your current *.lic file(s)

     UPDATES uses license validation during the update process.
         Download the Host Install, select option 'update/repair', follow prompts.
         Requires active maintenance. Validation is specific to the release you installed.
     GO-Global Host version (64-bit host only) | released April 17, 2018

     Host Download

     All client installs are included in the host install in the \web\client folder
     Or you can download the Windows Desktop Client Download here if you just need to download the client

     Release Notes
     Quick Start Guide
     ADMIN Guide

     GO-Global Host Version  (32-bit host)
     This is the LAST version 5.0 host installer to support a 32-bit o/s.
     Host Install

     GO-Global Host Version
     This is the LAST 4.8 version for a host installer.
     Host Install (32-bit)
     Host Install (64-bit)

Known Issue:
There is an issue in version 5.0 that causes various issues from starting GO-Global license manager and logon. The issue appears to be with recent Window Updates that effect the SECURE BOOT. To get past these issues with version 5, you need to disable the SECURE BOOT. This issue will be addressed in GO-Global version 6.

Known Issue:
There is an issue in version 5.0 that causes the host's throttle option to be enabled by default.
This can cause performance problems in some applications. Customers can work around this issue by changing
the value of the Client Processing Throttle property in the C:\ProgramData\GraphOn\HostProperties.xml file from 1 to 0.
Please make this change if you have performance issues and see if it resolves it.

Known Issue:
Office 2013 that use DiretX will not run in GO-Global sessions on Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows 7 when KB 2670838 is installed. To work around this issue, uninstalling KB 2670838. Windows KB3670838 replaced the user-mode DirectX runtime with a version that requires display driver to support DirectX. GO-Global display drivers does not support DirectX except in Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2. The GO-Global driver only supports DirectX on these versions of Windows because it relies on a Windows component that is not available in earlier versions of Windows.

Known Issue:
Windows Print Drivers - Type 4. GO-Global does not support Type 4 printer drivers.
In 2012 print servers, Microsoft recommends using Type 4. Windows Printer Drivers are selected in the Client Access tab of Host Options.
If Type 4 print drivers are is use, the resolution is to use Type 3 driver from the manufacture.



     Each active license file will be validated, updated and replaced with a new license file and the old license renamed.
     The licenses are now tied to the GO-Global version and build number.



     32-bit HOST O/S are no longer supported with the release of version 5.0.
     Technical Support for version 4.8.x is limited.

     Once a new release is made, testing is discontinued for older versions of GO-Global



     NO further updates or technical support services will be provided for version 4.7.x and older - NO EXCEPTIONS
     NO further updates or technical support services will be provided for The Gateway Connector - NO EXCEPTIONS


IT or Network services are not part of your active GO-Global maintenance contract. For network configuration, hardware, or other software installation and configuration, please contact your IT Network Administrator. We do not provide support for your network, hardware, security, registry, 3rd party software,custom scripts, etc.. You will be required to have or have access to your own IT source if required to adjust resource to accommodate GO-Global in your environment.

There is no 100% guarantee that all applications will function through GO-Global on every operating systems .Troubleshooting for your applications may require you to provide a VM copy of your server with the applications installed and include instructions how to use the software and steps to replicate the issue. If this is needed to troubleshoot, please check with your IT/Network Administrator and request they create a VM of your host server that includes the published applications. Or provide a copy of the application installer along with full instructions for installation and how to use. We are not responsible for downloading and requesting software from vendors.

     Support Services are by Email and Live Chat
          Please be ready to provide the following items if requested:
          Support Request Wizard from the Host server | Cluster Manager | Help menu.
          and/or APS log files \program files\graphon\go-global\logs that include the user, date and time.
          Users logon, date and time the error displayed.
          details with exact error message (screen shot) and how and when it displayed.
          client version and client type (desktop, iOS, Android, Browser, etc.)

          If we need to escalate the issue to an engineer, we may require one of the following:
          Copy of the application with installation and configuration instructions.
          or a virtual copy of the host server with the application(s) installed. Check with your IT/Network Admin if needed.
          This would be requested in the event your issue is unique and will need further testing in the lab.


Technical support services does NOT include 'how to' type service such as enabling and configuration of features and using GO-Global in general. Technical support is for 'issues | errors' that are displayed and caused by GO-Global software.

Maintenance renewals for less than the total number of the license files issued on the same host. will be eligible for Update/Upgrades and Rehost service ONLY for active licenses during the contract period. But will not receive TECHNICAL SUPPORT. To receive Technical Support ALL licenses on host must have active maintenance. Customers are responsible to know their due date for their maintenance contracts and to submit orders with full payment on or before due date to avoid late fees. Purchase orders do not constitute as a renewal. We provide 4 complimentary reminders by automated Email you have registered. Reinstatement of maintenance is retro active from the expired date plus 1 full year.

Maintenance and Support Service General Terms and Conditions

As a Reseller for GO-Global Software, we have a cost associated with each license and maintenance contract.

The conditions of every maintenance contract are set and enforced by GraphOn Corporation.

Grounds for Termination of Service without refund:

If modifications are made to the Software and/or database that compromise our ability to support it.
If tools, commands or other methods of program configuration are used that are not specifically provided by GraphOn Corporation or Resource Dynamics.
At our discretion, if a customer or a customer's representative acts in an abusive or otherwise inappropriate manner.
If a customer's technical environment is considered un supportive.

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