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Tele-Support HelpDesk Version 5 Compatiblity

IMPORTANT EVERY O/S environment is different, no two computers are exactly the same. It is your responsibility to fully test Tele-Support HelpDesk before making a purchase and/or moving to a new server. If you are moving HelpDesk we strongly recommend you download the trial onto the new server and fully test it before contacting us for a rehost.

ALL installers for Tele-Support HelpDesk MUST be installed by using the right-click RunAs ADMIN user and first time you launch application.

Supported O/S for Tele-Support HelpDesk Server files

     Server 2012 R2 (with 32-bit support)
     Server 2008 R2 (with 32-bit support)
     Server 2003 (with 32-bit support)

     Win 10 non-home
     Win 8 non-home
     Win 7 non-home

      when using non-server O/S as your 'server' make all users ADMIN and disable the UAC.
      CAL licenses are usually limited at 20 by Microsoft.
      Check your Microsoft EULA.

Supported O/S for Tele-Support HelpDesk Client files

     Server 2008 R2 (with 32-bit support)
     Server 2003 (with 32-bit support)
     Windows 10 non-home
     Windows 8 non-home
     Windows 7 non-home
     iPhone | iPad | Android Tablet | Browser clients, we support when accessing through
     GO-Global for Windows

CONTACT MANAGER(s) compatible:

     Stand Alone mode has a fully customizable Contact Manager built-in.>
     ACT! PRO or PREM version 6 through 18

NOTE: ACT! WEB clients are not tested. If using ACT! Web client on your LAN, make sure you are connecting to the server side.PAD file via UNC server name connection and not a local database. HelpDesk does not data-sync so it will not work with local ACT! databases.

Misc. Information

HelpDesk Email and Scheduler (optional feature included in application):
     Windows 7 (non home)
     Windows 8 (non home)
     Windows 10 (non home)
     Server 2003
     Server 2008
     Server 2012

Note: For Windows 8, 10, Server 2008 and 2012, you must start the application by using the right-click RunAs ADMIN user. If you have the HDScheduler.exe in the 'startup' this will continue to loop around. End Task and restart using the right-click. Recommend not putting in the startup menu.

Inquiry Status Publisher & Hot Tips Publisher (paid addons):

     Windows 7 (non home) can be installed to the default \Program Files (x86)
     Server 2003

     Note: Because of additional O/S security, the following operating systems, you must install to the root C:\ (C:\ISPUB or C:\HTPUB example)
     Windows 8 (non home)
     Windows 10 (non home)
     Server 2008
     Server 2012

MSSQL Database format for existing SQL users only:

     MSSQL2014 (not tested but customers confirmed compatible)
     MSSQL2016 (not tested)

Note: Due to structure changes, the resources required to continue development and support are no longer practical for SQL database format. Effective October 1, 2015 Resource Dynamics will no longer offer any new SQL installs. Tele-Support HelpDesk will continue to be delivered with the default database which requires no additional purchase from the end user. Should you need/want SQL database format, will be additional one-time cost for license (does not include MSSQL Server) and delivered as-is.

HelpDesk Inquiry Viewer for ACT! Users:
     Compatible to ACT! 2013 and newer requires HelpDesk 5.0.
     This is a FREE plug-in and delivered 'as-is'. Results may vary depending on the local ACT! environment. Get viewer here

Note: HelpDesk 4.x Users, you can try the plug-in at your own risk. We cannot guarantee the plug-in will work on the older versions of HelpDesk and/or ACT!

RESOURCES & System Requirements minimum:

     Additional resources may be required depending on the environment.
     All operating systems must support 32-bit applications.
     All operating systems must be non-home.
     2GB MB (recommend 4GM)
     500 MB disk space

Limtied Support or Support N/A:

     2003 Server O/S
     XP Pro
     ACT! 2000; ACT! 6; ACT! 2005-> 2012
Note: Any O/S that is no longer in product and/or supported by the manufacture results and function of our software may vary.

Remote | WEB Access for Tele-Support HelpDesk client:

We support web enabling for remote access when using GO-Global for Windows
Note: Using Citrix, WTS, RDP, Hosted O/S, VMs with our without AD. Requires you to have your own IT or access to IT for configuration because of the various way security and users can be configured in these environments we can not fully guarantee help desk will work as it was designed

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