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Act! HelpDesk Viewer


How can I access general information about HelpDesk Inquiries while in Act!?


We provide two FREE plug-ins that you are welcome to download and utilize.

Compatible to Act! PRO  or PREM LAN.  Version 18 through 21.  Does NOT support Act! WEB version.  Act! database and clients must all be on the same local network.

IMPORTANT... You MUST already have your contact manager, ACT! configured successful with HelpDesk BEFORE you begin the installation of this plug-in.   


We have found in some environments that the 'helpdesk' tab does not appear in Act! on the contact record.  This is because Act! has blocked and placed our .dll files onto there Black List. 

This behavior is correct.  When a plug-in fails to load it gets blacklisted by Act!. Unless you take steps to remove this block then it will remain blocked even if the problem is fixed.

The blacklist is called DependentDlls.Xml

It is located in %appdata%\ACT\ACT Data

You can delete the entire .XML file as it is re-created each time Act! is loaded.  You can also make a backup just in case.

NOTE: Windows may also block our files which would stop them from loading into the Act! Plug-ins.  Check to be sure by right clicking on the plug-in directly.  If you see a message something to the effect of 'Widnows may have blocked this file....." there should be an option to UNBLOCK available.  If this is correct, then you will need to remove the blacklist once the files are UNBLOCKED so they can be added.

IMPORTANT be sure Act! is closed when you place .dll files.

HelpDesk Desktop Viewer:

Instructions for installing plug-ins.

Once install is completed you will have 2 options for accessing inquiry data for HelpDesk inquiries.

  • Desktop Viewer, which includes a search option. Fully Supported by Resource Dynamics
  • Act! Contact Record will have a 'helpdesk' tab option. As-Is support limited.


Create a directory on the local C:\ drive called        TSHD

       example: C:>TSHD 

       this is empty by default and will soon store a ini file

Once the files are unzipped,


1) Copy all 3 dll files (HelpDesk.dll and HelpDeskActLookup.dl and *ActMiddleWare.dll) into the local ACT! \plugin folder.  To be sure you get the correct folder, from the ACT! desktop icon, right click properties | open file location.  Select the \Plugins

*You should already have the ActMiddleWare.dll on the local client. This is installed when you install the Act! Client.

2) IF you have HelpDesk Client installed on this workstation, browse to the C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Resource Dynamics\HDConnect\         and be sure you have the TSHDANCR file, if not save the TSHDANRC.exe file in this folder

3) Run the "Install_HelpDesk_Viewer_5.exe" , right click RunAs Admin.  Follow the Wizard.  This will create the desktop viewer

4) Launch Act! client by right-click RunAs AMIN -  You should be prompted with a screen to connect to the HelpDesk database.  NOTE the 'text' does not mention version 5 as this is a sample screen.  However, use the browse button in the field box to browse to your HelpDesk5 Configuration UDL file

        UNC path only  example: \\Servername\HelpDesk5\Server\Configuration\HDConfig5.UDL


The second box uses the 'find contact' option.   This allows access from ACT! or the Desktop Viewer to the HelpDesk New Inquiry Search Screen, giving you the ability to open/create inquiries. You will browse to the local  \common files\resource dynamics\hdconnect\TSHDANRC.exe.  This is available only if HelpDesk client is installed already.  If you do not have the HelpDesk client installed, leave this option empty

NOTE:  To use the 'find contact' option successfully, you must have security rights to create new inquiries, and your HelpDesk client must be at a general queue (current queue, history queue)

Save your selections.  ACT! should now continue to load.  You should have a tab labeled 'HelpDesk'. Now Restart ACT!.


Launch HelpDesk Configuration | Users & Departments | select the User and 'edit user'.  Make sure the Users 'Full Name' is exactly the same as the ACT! logon user name. 

Example:              Full Name in Act!        John Smith

then make the Full Name in HelpDesk        John Smith                


If you have HelpDesk 5.1.1, here is additional security right per USER:

Check the User Security Rights tab | Optional Features | enable the option 'HelpDesk Viewer for ACT! 2007+'.  Save changes and exist configuration.  If HelpDesk client is open for the User you changed, they need to exit and restart HelpDesk.

Once the Plug-in is configured or if you did not receive the setup screen, launch ACT! and check the 'manage add-ons'.   You should see our three .dll files  in the list checked and accepted for use with your ACT!.  All 3 .dll files must be enabled.  If you are having problems enabling the add-ons, please contact Act! Support.

If all is in place as instructed above, and the 'helpdesk' tab does not appear, exit Act! and load Act! again.  If the tab still does not appear, please send us a screen shot of the manage add-ons that displays our plug-in files enabled.  Send to  Please include your HelpDesk serial number so we can verify your account.

IMPORTANT:  This is a FREE Plug-in.  Plug-in delivered 'AS-IS'.  There is no guarantee that the HelpDesk viewer from Act! Plug-In will function in all environments. We will be happy to assist with the installation to ensure you have everything in place as required.  If you would like assistance, please Email: for more information.


TIP: You can pass the parameter /ACT on the Target line for the HelpDeskViewer shortcut on your desktop and this will load the current Act! contact record displayed when you open the Viewer.  If you keep the Desktop viewer open, click the 'reload' button to load the new contact record.

TIP: In Act!, if you have the 'HelpDesk' tab, you need to customize by adding the fields you wish to see.  Click on the 'HelpDesk' tab, click on the customize button (right side).  If you get an error trying to load the fields, close Act! and launch Act! again.

TIP:  If the HelpDesk tab appears, then you should NOT use the desktop viewer.  Use one or the other.  If both the 'helpdesk' tab and desktop viewer are used, and you decide to use the 'Find Contact' from the Desk-Top Viewer, this will take ownership of the TSHDANRC,.exe file.  Which means the 'Find Contact' from the HelpDesk tab will not function inside ACT!.  To regain function to the HelpDesk tab, simply click on the 'Setup' button to the right side of the HelpDesk tab and reconnect to the TSHDANCR.exe.  You will need to restart ACT! once the change is made.

If you need additional information on this topic, please contact our Support Team

Support Services are available to all registered active Evaluations and Customers with active contracts.

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