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GO-Global, Global Application access made easy

The fast, simple and affordable solution to instantly publish or web-enable your Windows applications.

Access to applications anywhere, anytime.

Simplified deployment and management.

Cost effective solution.
Connect to the On-Line Demo for a FREE test drive and see just how fast applications can run. GO-Global lets you run most all your applications from just about any work station or mobile device.

Your APPS Anywhere Anytime!


The Fast, Simple and Affordable Way to Instantly Publish or Web-enable Your Windows Application

GO-Global is the ideal server-based computing solution. Utilizing advanced server-based technology and near-zero-footprint clients. GO-Global publishes existing applications without the need to modify a single line of code. And there's no need for complex, costly solutions such as Citrix Meta Frame or Windows Terminal Services. GO-Global is the instant application publishing and web-enabling solution that retains 100% of your applications features, functions and product branding.

GO-Global is optimized for reliable, secure, saleable application delivery to virtually any network. For maximum performance and ease of deployment and maintenance, GO-Global publishes only your applications and you can even publish a desktop.

GO-Global is for:
  • Branch Offices - Access your local application programs from a remote office. Remote printing and familiar look and feel of the LAN applications.
  • Mobile Users - Access your local applications from your iPHONE, iPAD, or Android Tablet. Access from anywhere!
  • Work At Home Employees - Accommodate home workers. Great for catch up while at home or even supplement your in-house staff.

Here are some top Features:
  • Provides instant access to Windows applications
  • Publish just the applications or the desktop
  • Access local and remote resources such as drives and printers
  • Provide simultaneous access to multiple users with individual permissions
  • Licensing is concurrent connections, giving you more for your dollar
  • Protect your data with standard 56-bit DES. Or upgrade (optional) to 256-bit AES
Here are some top Benefits:
  • All applications look and function the same as when running locally
  • You control which applications Users can access
  • Less expensive than MS Terminal Service, Remote Desktop or Citrix Meta frame
  • Scaling and flexible
  • Support Windows Desktop, MAC OS X, Linus, Ubuntu, iOS and Android
  • High performance over low bandwidth

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