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Total Support HelpDesk is a simple, easy to use SERVER|CLIENT solution. Running Stand Alone w/ built in CRM or integrate w/ Act! Database. Compatible w/ ACT! 18 and newer

Deploy your database anywhere! LAN or place into a Cloud Server environment. With Easy user access from anywhere-anytime right from their PC.
Total Support HelpDesk is for any company or organization that needs to track calls/emails from their clients. From inception to resolution!

With built in Work Flow, Total Support HelpDesk gives you the ability to confirm and reassure your clients that their inquiries are being processed with the highest importance needed to provide them with a resolution as quickly as possible. With custom Priorities and Priority Escalation, you will never have an inquiry slip through the cracks.

Keep your clients up-to-date with the progress of their inquiry through a private customer portal by giving them access to viewing their inquiries with the optional add-on Inquiry Status Publisher.

Give your clients self-help options by publishing selected items from your internal Knowledge base with the optional Hot Tips Publisher.

Regardless of how your clients submit issues via web site form, email, twitter, facebook, phone, OnLine Help, Total Support HelpDesk gives you the tools needed to efficiently create inquiries.

Have remote users that would like to access via a mobile device or browser? No worries, we have a add-on solution called GO-Global

Powerful AddOn's:
Hot Tips Publisher

Allows you to extract subsets of your Knowledge base and make them available on your web site, load on a lap top for the tech on the go, or even a USB key.
Inquiry Status Publisher

Allows you to select inquiry information that you can upload to your web site where your clients can view the status and other information relating to their account.

Total Support HelpDesk main industry is computer software technology. Originally for support tracking, now has expanded to the Health care, Education, Hospitality, and Government industry. If you have clients, prospects, members, or even employees and you need to track information about them and/or internal issues, then Total Support HelpDesk is the solution! Don't let the product name fool you, see the power within the product that makes Total Support HelpDesk still running strong 22+ years.
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