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GO-Global Licensing is concurrent connections.
Pricing is based on the number of seats per license file for your host server.
One-time cost for permanent license file.
Short-Term subscription license has a minimum of 3-month w/ AUTO-Pay by ACH.
Maint/Support pricing is based on the number of seats per license file.
Adding seats to existing host server, will automatically merge existing maintenance to expire same date as existing contract.
Adding seats to existing host server and the maintenance is expired, will automatically reinstate existing maintenance at prevailing rates.

Basic Active Maintenance Contract includes for 1 year:
By Email or Live Chat Only Unlimited technical support services for GO-Global software
excludes support for your network, hardware, security, Active Directory, software other than GO-Global
Unlimited access to updates/patches and upgrades
4 rehost services (for any reason we need to recode your permanent license file)

Price subject to change without notice. Current pricing below effective starting November 1, 2020.
Any official quote/invoice issued will be honored at rate quoted/invoiced for timeframe indicated.

GO-Global Enterprise

Item # Permanent License
GO-Global 1+ seats GGL1 $    150.00 each
GO-Global 50+ seats GGL50 $    132.50 each
GO-Global 250+ seats GGL250 $     92.25 each
GO-Global 500+ seats GGL500 $      85.95 each
GO-Global 1000+ seats GGL1K $     call
Item # Annual Maintenance after 1st Year
GO-Global 1+ seats GGLMl $     45.00 each
GO-Global 50+ seats GGM50 $     35.00 each
GO-Global 250+ seats GGM250 $     25.00 each
Item # Subscription per user/month
GO-Global 5+ seats GGSL $     5.70 each
GO-Global 25+ seats GGSL $     5.55 each
GO-Global 100+ seats GGSL $     5.10 each
GO-Global 500+ seats GGSL $     4.95 each
GO-Global 1000+ seats GGSL $     call

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