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Total Support HelpDesk

Posted December 31, 2018

Version 2019.0.0.1502
If you have an active PLUS Care Plan, you are eligable to access this site.

If you do not yet have your login credentials, please email


Evaluating our software:

Video Presentation First step, if you have not already done so, view our 15 minutes video presentation that will show you a basic overview of our software. How quick and easy you can create an inquiry from inception to resolution

FREE Full Featured 30 Day Trial Second step would be download the evaluation with ALL features enabled. You can run as a STAND ALONE with built in CRM or connect to your own ACT! CRM. Your Evaluation download will include an evaluation code for a period of 30 days from date the installation code was issued. We recommend during the download process when you are prompted to register, to complete this information as it will be required to provide you with FREE support services.

IMPORTANT: If you already have a permanent licensed HelpDesk, DO NOT download and install the trial. We have changed the licensing and your permanent license will be over written and revert back to a trial.

Live Demo We would recommend scheduling a live demo after you installed the full evaluation on your system? Remember we are here to help you install as well, then we can show you in real-time with your real-data the benefits of Total Support HelpDesk. Live demos usually take about 1 hour.

Email Support to request a live demo for your trial installation.

Support Services

During Evaluation period: All registered evaluations will be eligable for FREE technical support services that includes installation and configuration during the initial 30 day period. We recommend you save time and let us take 30 minutes to walk you through the installation and basic configuration so you are up and running quickly. We want to ensure you have a successful evaluation experience. The evaluation is delivered with both ADMIN and USERS guides in PDF format. We also have on-line useful and most requested training and how to presentations. Once purchased: Service is another aspect of our business. We work to solve problems, answer questions, and be responsive to our customer's needs. We have 4 options that include support services. From H.E.L.P. to Annual Care Plans.

H.E.L.P. is purchased by the hour. This time is valid for 1 year or until time is used (no roll-over). H.E.L.P. can be used for any area relating to Total Support HelpDesk (technical support, upgrades and installs)

Care Plans are annual contracts that include Support Services, rehost,enchancement, upgrades, training, automated email alerts and reminder, etc.. Benefits will vary depending on the Care Plan you may choose.


Licensing for Total Support HelpDesk is concurrent connection as opposed to the more expensive 'named' user licenses. Concurrent licensing gives you more value for the cost. You can purchase a 10 user Total Support HelpDesk, which means 10 connections at a time to the HelpDesk database. You can install 30 clients if you like, just 10 would be able to connect at one time.

The license is coded to the computer host for security. Using the Host Name, Host Physical address (also known as NIC card or MAC address) and Host computer id. Should any one or more of these id's change, your license will automatically void.

Rehosting (Moving) Total Support HelpDesk

BEFORE you move, rename or change out a NIC card on your licensed computer, contact our office for instructions and cost that maybe associated with the rehost service. Rehosting Policy

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